Dubai beach activities

To be honest, many of the best beach locations on the planet are in Dubai, UAE.

Usually the beautiful white sand on the beaches of Dubai will astonish tourists, as most people probably will not assume that this type of natural wonder can actually exist in the Middle East. Dubai beach The majestic waters of Dubai cover several kilometers along the beautiful coastline. These beaches are used most of the year apart from the hot summer months in Dubai (July - September) where water temperatures are often somewhat unpleasant because external temperatures can easily reach 48 C (118 F).

Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Road (the main street of Dubai) runs alongside the long strip of Dubai beach, where you can find a variety of beautiful open beaches located between the resort hotels beside a private beach club. beach décor and Many beach hotels also provide a wide range of water sports activities especially paragliding, jet skiing, wind surfing and deep sea fishing.

Holiday makers really need to realize that when traveling to a beachfront location in Dubai, the usual beach attire is acceptable, but once from the beach and beyond, simple clothing is required (ie knees and shoulders covered). References on beach vacation and It is not unusual to find Muslim Arab women swimming in the ocean wearing full swim suits to cover their complete bodies in courtesy as demanded by their own Muslim lifestyle.

Some of Dubai's best beach locations are:

1. Al Mamzar Beach Park: Great place about 100 hectares. This special beach park offers a picnic area, a swimming pool and lots of green grass. This is truly an amazing place for family fun. Just like many Dubai beach parks, this particular one is available for women and children only on Wednesdays.

Creekside Park: Creekside Park is located near the famous Dubai river. This is really an excellent choice for business travelers and families as well. It features mini-golf, fishing docks, and furthermore a lush botanical garden that houses more than 250 varieties of flowers and plant life.

3. The Jumeirah Public Beach and Beach Park: A crystal-clear and beautiful beach with stunning Burj Al Arab views. This special beach covers about 12 hectares, and is one of Dubai's most preferred beach spots. Featuring a food stall, picnic table and children's playground, Jumeirah Beach Park is truly a great choice for families and singles. The coast guard is in charge of watching the swimmers, and the presence of bath and changing rooms is available for guests.

Next time you decide on a beach holiday then simply search in Dubai. Its central location to other popular holiday destinations also makes it an excellent stopover for travelers looking for a place of rest and relaxation by the beach.

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